Why are you called "Nature Couple"? 

Short version: It's a silly nickname we didn't come up with. 

Long version: Being outside is our favorite place to be, and how we spent nearly all of our free time. When we planned our wedding, we wanted a celebration that felt like us, so it had to be outside. So, we got married on a crisp fall Sunday in 2013, in beautiful nature preserve & garden in the Hudson Valley, amidst a backdrop of gold foliage and crimson flowers. It was perfect. And it didn't rain (phew). 

Our families helped us big time with our wedding details. From painting trail sign centerpieces to making gift bags to endless phone calls, both sides of our family were a huge part of making the celebration reflect our personalities. One day in the weeks before the wedding, Chris' mom Sue asked us what we were planning to do for a  "wedding card box" at the reception. Uhhm. Whaaa? This is something we need? So of course we jumped at her gracious offer to take care of it for us. We said "Anything you make will be great!"  We figured she'd bring your standard wedding white box, maybe with some satin ribbon decorating it? 

What arrived at our wedding was indeed a box. With a very special label. 


It was a small black metal mailbox. It had a large photo of us on the front, atop a mountain.  It was bedazzled with rhinestones and a heart, and encircled in wreath of fall foliage. It smelled like apples and cinnamon. On the top of the box was a large label that read "Nature Couple". We have never called ourselves this before. No one had. As every guest put their card in the box, I'm sure they thought... "Nature couple!? Okay guys, we get it. You like nature."

Sue also got custom M&Ms made for our wedding, complete with our new name. Yes, "Nature Couple" was printed right on the candy shell. She really outdid herself with this joke, and it worked. 

Our friends thought this whole thing was hilarious. They teased us relentlessly, and tagged the majority of our wedding photos with #naturecouple. It was sticky. 

As amusing as it was on our wedding weekend, we've grown to actually like our silly moniker. I guess we just have to admit it: We are a nature couple. Nature is a part of who we are. Exploring new mountains, rivers, forests and land is a huge reason we decided to set off on a six month adventure RTW. 

We hope you'll keep checking out our blog for the adventures of Nature Couple!