Carrie's Pack

I'm not an overly girly-girl, but I do like to feel cute. Packing for this trip has been a HARD, but fun challenge. 


This was by far the hardest part! The problem is that comfortable shoes are NOT cute. I've resigned myself to the fact that my feet will be in "sensibles" for the duration of the trip. All of the below shoes are very light... I obsessed over the weight of shoes. Like Chris, I will wish I have real boots for some of our harder hikes, but I will live with my hikers. Pray for my ankles. 

  • Patagonia Drifter waterproof hiking shoes - words cannot express how much I love these shoes
  • Brooks running sneakers
  • Jambu Crepe hiking sandals
  • Oceanminded by Crocs flip-flops


  • Tasc Streets V T-shirt (2)
  • Tasc Basic Racer tank (2)
  • Tasc Advanced tank with built in bra 
  • Tasc Tofino Merino long-sleever
  • Tasc Base Layer Level B top
  • Tasc Aspire long-sleever
  • Tasc Northstar 1/4 zip Fleece (mid-weight)
  • Nike running tank
  • EMS technical T-shirt
  • Non-technical T-shirts (2)
  • 1 super lightweight cardigan from Ann Taylor

Pants & Shorts

The hottest debate between Chris and I has been "to jean or not to jean".  I am doing it, he is not. I just love jeans. Sure, they don't dry quickly, they aren't anti-microbial and odor-resistant, and they aren't exactly light to pack. But, they go anywhere, they feel great, they make me feel great, and I just want them. So there. 

  • Tasc WOW fitted pant 
  • Tasc Magnolia Running shorts (these are HEAVEN!) 
  • Tasc Nola leggings
  • Prana Zip-off convertible pants/shorts
  • EMS roll-up hiking pants/capris
  • Horney Toad shorts
  • My beloved pair of American Apparel stretchy jeans! 


I obsessed over the right dresses to bring. All of these are technical dresses.  

  • PrAna Amaya dress
  • Merrell Finley reversible dress - two dresses in one! 
  • Patagonia Kamala convertible dress/skirt


Gross alert! You don't get to bring a lot of undies on trips like this. I'm bringing a week's worth while Chris is only bringing 5 (eww!)

But maybe the ladies out there can feel me on this - I just don't do underwear twice, except under dire circumstances. So I need at least 7 pairs. Also, for bras... all wireless bras had to go, they just don't pack well. I'm resigned to uniboob and/or droopiboobs, and I'm OK with that. 

  • Patagonia Barely Hipster (4)
  • Ex-officio Give-n-Go String Bikini (3)
  • Patagonia Barely Everyday Bra
  • Ex Officio crossover bra
  • Tasc sports bra
  • Hiking socks (3)
  • Tasc Running socks (2)

Outerwear & such

  • Tasc Escape full zip hoodie
  • REI  eVent rain jacket
  • Tasc Reversible Merino Hat
  • Sun hat
  • Buff 
  • Lightweight gloves
  • Carve designs reversible bikini - two suits in one! 


  • REI Microfiber towel
  • Sleeping bag liner
  • Reusable water bottles
  • Nemo travel Fillow Pillow
  • Travel make up and toiletries

Electronics (most of these are shared with Chris) 

  • Acer E11 mini-laptop - full keyboard, Windows 8, front facing camera, and less than 3lbs
  • iPhone 4 (not shared)
  • Kindle (not shared)
  • Panasonic Point & Shoot
  • Yubu Travel Adapter
  • Steripen Ultra
  • Headlamp (not shared) 
  • Pocketknife