Here Comes the Sun.... And it's all right

It's been a while since our last blog post! We left the chilly rains of Vietnam to finish up our time in the warm sun of Cambodia and the Thai beaches. This 7-day stint will go down as perhaps one of our favorite weeks of the entire trip, packed with ancient history, culture, great food and stunning natural beauty. 

We're a little tight on time, electricity, and internet bandwidth right now here in Nepal (more on Nepal later...) so rather than our usual windbag blog posts on our travels and impressions, we'll stick to a few of our final SE Asia memories: 

  • Greeting the sun at Ankor Wat on Chris's 36th birthday! A birthday experience of a lifetime... 
  • Enjoying the delicious Khmer and French-Cambodian cuisine of Siem Reap for not one but TWO fabulous birthday dinners. 
  • Scary taxi ride from the Thai-Cambodia border with a gangsta Thai taxi driver we seriously thought was about to rob us at gunpoint when he stopped in middle of an empty road and refused to drive. (We never sorted out why....) 
  • A boat day spent exploring desolate and remote tiny island Thai beaches, as perfect as perfect beaches get.
  • Bike riding down the empty rolling coastal hill roads of the laid-back island of Koh Chang.
  • Days spent wading out in the shallow, bath-like sparkling aquamarine waters of the Gulf of Thailand.
  • Evenings spent sitting on beach swings and lazing in hammocks, enjoying the most beautiful sunsets we've ever seen glimmer against those very same waters.
  • Our last, luxurious night at a swanky high-rise Bangkok hotel, watching the sun go down and the city lights come up. Ahhh farewell Southeast Asia, where a 5-star hotel runs you $100 USD! 

This one is a shortie, but we've got some great photos to illustrate these points. And since they say a picture is worth 1000 words, scroll through the gallery below, and consider yourselves having just read like a 25,000 word blog post. You must be tired!