Positivity & Homecoming

We are so touched by the positivity and generosity of the past 36 hours! The Nepal Aid fund was so generously donated to that within the first 12 hours, our remaining trip fund has been gladly emptied in a matching donation! We have far exceeded our hopes & expectations of this effort! We're so grateful to our lovely Nature Community here. You are all our inspirations. 

If you haven't donated yet and would like to, there's still time left. 1.5 days, to be exact. Click on the button to do something good for the world! 

Sadly, the news coming out of Nepal is still so bleak, and turning homeland, it isn't exactly rosy, either. But we're still excited to come home. Very excited. Amber waves of grain, you've never looked better. 

So to focus on the positive and spread a little happiness, here's a silly list of 5 people, places and things we are looking forward to most upon our homecoming. Of course we can't wait to see all of you all, and that would be number 1! But just for fun... 

The Missed List

Family Ties

  • Chris:  Everyone. Can't wait to be sitting around the table with everyone again....making fun of Grandma. 
  • Carrie: I miss everyone in my family so much, but there has been one person that I found I missed like my own left arm was missing: My sister, Lauren. I know she won't read this 'cause she's the busiest person I know, legit, so I can be schmaltzy and say that it's been SO hard to be away from her these six months. I can't wait to come home so we can talk about all the inane details every day, like normal. (Is that normal?) 


  • Chris: Bagels. I don't want a croissant. I don't want cheese and toast. I don't want cereal. I don't want beans and potatoes. I don't want pastries. I just want a bagel. With cream cheese. 
  • Carrie: Definitely Bagels. I hate to be redundant, but seriously can someone just feed me a good New York bagel?? 


  • Carrie: Treble! Can't wait to be singing again with those ladies. 
  • Chris: Training for a road race. We haven't had the opportunity to keep to a solid fitness routine, though we've been very active.  I'm looking forward running again, and more often. 


  • Chris: Jeans! I haven't worn jeans for six months. 
  • Carrie: Oh, how interesting. I would have missed my jeans, too, if I hadn't brought a super lightweight pair that I wore like every day and recommended Chris buy, too. So since i had sweet, sweet jeans, I will say that I just look forward to dressing like a lady again. And throwing away my heinous-but-needed Sensible Sally Sandals. 

Simple Convenience

  • Chris: 3G access. I need something?  I will soon be able to fire up the Google machine and find out, wherever I am. 
  • Carrie: My pillow! Oh how I miss thee, sweet pillow. 

There are so many people and so much more we have missed while we were away, this is just the tip of the iceberg. And though it's a weird mix of feelings to be coming home soon, there's much to look forward to. So... who's meeting us at the airport with bagels??