We have been in Buzios for three days, and there is so much to say about this place! Will post again soon with more info on our horrid hostel experience and the fantastic natural beauty of Buzios. But for now, I'd like to talk about boobs. 

Boobs are everywhere you turn in Buzios, so much so that we've privately nicknamed it Boobzios. I touched on this topic in the Rio post, but here in Buzios, which is a beach town, there is an even bigger boob presence. 

Honestly, it's refreshing to see how comfortable all the women seem to be with their bodies. Everyone, and I mean everyone, is in a bikini. Usually string. Usually with a thong. Young women, old women, tiny women, large women, nursing women, pregnant women... children, mothers, grandmothers -- Bikinis don't belong to the young and single in Brazil. It's so awesome to see this seemingly complete lack of body shame. Sure, there are lots of model-types here, and plenty of fake bazoongas, but there are even more real, regular women of all shapes, ages and races. And no one seems to care one bit about showing off what mother nature gave them. In fact, the fake ones really stand out because it's "one of these things does not look like the others." 

This realization didn't hit me for a day or two. Sure, Chris and I noticed  how liberal the body culture was. But then yesterday, we went to a beach that was crawling with kids and babies. "Where are the moms?" I wondered. There was a lack of mom-looking beach-goers. Not a single one-piece bathing suit in sight. No tankinis. Or dresskinis. No slimming panels, no ruching, no color blocks, and no Women's Beach Living Tummy Control Swim Skirt from Land's End (yes, that is an actual product--and it has 4.5 sailboats on their website out of 900 reviews, by far the most of any swimsuit; I looked.) Then it hit me: These.are.the.moms. All these bikini-clad women are the moms!  

You're probably thinking that it's because everyone here is so beautiful and taut. No so. There is just as much cellulite, just as many rolls and just as much droop as there is in good old 'Murica. Here, they just don't care. Covering up isn't their version of "beach living." And for me, it's a nice change to see people just comfy in their own skin. This Brazilian body image reminded me of a great article I read this past summer, about Moms and bathing suits. If you have time, check it out (especially if you've ever felt a little self-conscious in your bathing suit, so, um, every woman reading this.) And if you need a shot of body confidence, head to Brazil, where you can let it all hang out! However, I will still own and love my very own full coverage Land's End bikini in Palm Frond, and you will have to pry it out of my cold, dead hands before I'd ever don a thong. 

Last word: My dad, who's always a little worried about me, gave some advice before our trip about my packing more conservative items and not attracting attention with any skimpy or  sexy clothing. Naturally, I ignored it and packed exactly what I was going to pack anyway (which included a bikini and three dresses, all modest). Well, Dad, no need to worry. My clothing is the Amish burka of Brazil!