We're off!

This week was nuts! I was wrapping up at my job, working late on most nights. Chris was holding it down on the home front, packing up. We boxed up our entire apartment, carefully pulling out clothes, shoes and items for "transition times" at Christmas and when we first get home in May, since all of our worldly possessions now reside in a 6X10 storage unit in the South Bronx. We had an epic going-away Halloween party in NYC, which the (Stuytown) cops busted up in the wee hours. Then woke up too early and continued moving. We enjoyed a "Fakesgiving" with both sides of our families, which was such a lovely way to say farewell. We packed our backpacks and checked it twice, and now we have boarded the plane, ready for our adventure to  begin! 

We are actually pretty exhausted, so we plan to lay low upon arrival. Will post more from Rio!