Divisions of Labor

As we're prepping for the trip, our curious friends have been asking a lot of questions about how we're planning everything. Honestly, planning this trip is a BEAR. It's about 50x harder than wedding planning. Forget just the trip planning itself - that's the fun stuff. 

It's the other stuff that is so time consuming and tricky. Visas. Immunizations. Accessing finances internationally. Safety concerns. Gear. Security & Safety on the road (both physical and cyber safety). Then there's all the back-home stuff... Cancelling utilities. Shutting down phone service. Paying bills while traveling. Vehicle Dormancy (so your car doesn't rot or die unused). Moving logistics. Storage logistics. Getting 6 months of prescriptions. What the heck to do with our mail? 

Does that stuff sound fun? It isn't. It really isn't. 

So Chris and I have had to divide and conquer. Just for funsies, I thought we should share our "areas of expertise" and the roles we've taken on for this trip, and during trip planning.

Chris is the CFO, CTO, Head Researcher

  • CFO - Chris has handled 95% of the financial prep for this trip (beyond our savings plan, which we both implemented and worked on,) from bank access to keeping our funds safe from cyber threats. 
  • CTO - Naturally, he's the tech guy. Chris nailed down all our technology travel needs from the laptop we'll be bringing to the water purifier to the Personal Locator Beacon we will be carrying (in case we get into mucho trouble)
  • Head Researcher - It wasn't supposed to be this way but it turns out Chris is just more focused with the intensity that is trip research. I burned out a little earlier, but am still contributing! 

I am the  CCO, COO, CMO, Assistant Researcher

  • CCO - I'm handling 95% of our communication, to our flight travel agency, hosts, gear sponsor, and will be the primary communicator back to the home front. I will managing the website (though Chris helped build it big time), and maintaining the blog. 
  • COO - Ops, ops, it's my thang. I'm handling 90% of the back-home operations & logistics likes leases, movers, storage, car, etc. 
  • CMO - Chief Medical Officer :) I'm making our medical kit, getting our prescriptions, and forcing Chris to take both sets of Cipro and Diamox, and overall just trying to prepare for the unknown. 
  • Assistant Researcher - I'm helping. I swear.