T-minus 3 weeks til R.T.W. begins!

Hey friends! Here comes our first blog post so we'll keep it short and sweet. 

Today marks exactly 3 weeks until we hit the road for six months! We leave on Nov 2 to head to South America for two months, the first leg of our journey RTW. 

What does RTW stand for? Round The World. It's a common abbreviation we saw all over the many, many travel blogs and sites we visited in planning this trip. 

Ughhhhhh there is so much to do before we go. Immunizations, final gear purchases, finishing up trip research, packing our apartment, moving out, securing long term storage, prepping our car for a winter hiatus, a trial pack runs on our backpacks, not to mention training--running and hiking regularly with packs are both necessities so we can physically do all the stuff we plan to do. Right now, we're both feeling fairly overwhelmed, but also excited at the same time. 

Where are we going on our trip? Check out our itinerary here