We are Chris and Carrie. This is our road to the Road. 

We are two newlywed New Yorkers with a curiosity for travel and a serious case of wanderlust. 

Long before we ever met each other, we both had dreams of long-term travel. In fact, I (Carrie) nearly quit my job in 2007 to take a solo round the world trip, but then the Recession hit (capital R) and scared me straight. I stayed put at my media job and somehow weathered the storm of layoffs, grateful to have a job. Sometimes it's necessary to be a Sensible Sally. 

At the same time, Chris was living in New York City (or so he tells me) and working in serious travel as his work schedule allowed. He hit  up Germany during Oktoberfest, an African Safari, and Alaskan glaciers, among  others. But these tastes only whetted his appetite for more culture and travel. Chris wanted to live a more adventure-friendly lifestyle and was even slated to move West in the summer 2011, but that never happened… because….

We met in January 2011. Very quickly, probably date #2 or 3, we discovered our mutual dream/dirty little secret. We both had fantasies of ditching our cubicle lives to follow the inner voice of wanderlust. Within our first six months together, we had a trip planned to hike the Inca Trail with a good friend, and it was on that trip that we fell in love with adventuring together. As soon as we got home, we started talking about pie-in-the-sky trips to Asia and Patagonia. We started to realize that long term travel is the most efficient way to see distant corners of the globe. We started to save aggressively. And we started to seriously talk about how this dream could become a reality, one day. 

However, life is not always a straight path, and our road to the Road meandered a little bit. We moved in together first. Next, we got engaged, and focused on wedding planning (which is where the name of this blog was born!) Then we had some unexpected family health concerns that kept us close to home for a while. We also both loved our jobs, and didn't want to jeopardize our positions, or our careers. Long-term travel sounds so glamorous....but when you start to put pen to paper, you see just how many trade-offs you must face. 

But here we are, with many stars aligning, and a few big sacrifices made (including one great job, and one apartment we loved, working through many tears and fears in making the decision to go abroad). One year after our wedding, we leave New York behind for a megamoon adventure around the world.

And finally, after living together for 2 years in a teeny, tiny, one-room studio in New York City, we feel decently well-prepared for the cramped quarters of long-term travel. Studio living is the ultimate boot camp. You have zero personal space, limited storage, and learn how to produce decent meals out of a shoe-box sized kitchen. We like to live simply and are excited to try out a new lifestyle on the road. We hope you'll follow our adventures to see how we do! 

About Chris


Chris spends his days as a product manager for a financial software company, where he geeks out on a mixture of techy-codey-money stuff. In his downtime, running is his #1 passion. Chris has completed the Boston Marathon, the New York City marathon (twice), the Urbanathalon (twice), and countless Half marathons, 10Ks and smaller road races.  Like Forrest Gump, he just runs and runs. 

Besides running, Chris is into bouldering and biking to round out his active lifestyle within city limits. When he escapes to the mountains, he enjoys hiking, skiing, and mountaineering, has completed a 2-week stint on a glacier in Alaska and has climbed some biggie peaks like Mt. Rainier and Mt. Kilimanjaro. 

About Carrie


Carrie's career centers around marketing and events, most recently managing talent for a music/DJ company and loving every minute. Outside of the office, Carrie dedicates much of her free time to singing and performing with an all-female vocal group Treble NYC.

She also loves to run, but at about 1/3 of the pace of Chris. She grew up enjoying the outdoors and will take any excuse to hike, bike, kayak, ski or dig in the dirt. She also loves to plan and/or attend all kinds of events and festivals, whether it's a cultural event (read: beer festival) or a great music line-up. Her #1 domestic hobby is cooking, and thus far her recipes are nearly always edible.